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  • The PondMAX Range was Designed in Australia for the Country's Harsh Conditions and Has Shown to Have the Ability to Withstand Even the Most Challenging Environmental Conditions.



    This pond garden lighting system was developed by the owners of Aquatec, which has the mission to help customers Discover, Create and Enjoy amazingly beautiful gardens.


    While PondMAX may only be a decade old, it is backed by over 30 years worth of experience. When you buy PondMAX, therefore, you can be assured of getting the best possible outcomes.


    We make and supply products that are designed to suit the DIY market specifically. These products are built to last and are affordable. They are also versatile in that they can be put to a variety of uses.


    Aquatech Equipment, our parent company, remains the industry leader when it comes to developing and supplying new outdoor products that bring life to the Australian outdoors.


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